Moths in June now with more photos!

The National Moth Nights from 14th to 16th June are focussing on the Pyralid group of Micro moths this year.

Speckled Yellow Moth

Day-flying moths are noticeable during summer walks: the brightly chequered black and yellow Speckled Yellow (right) is often disturbed from vegetation.

Burnet moths (below) emerge from their papery cocoons on grass stems in June. The six-spot is usually seen in drier grassland and the five-spot in marshy corners. They are distinguised by the number of red spots on the iridiscent purple/green/black of the upper wing. The black material seen at the top of the cocoon indicates that the moth has already emerged.

Six-spot Burnet moth       Six-spot Burnet moth cocoon 

Burnet Companion moth

Burnet Companions may be mistaken for Dingy Skipper butterflies, but their orange and brown markings on the lower wing will distinguish them as they bask on plants in the sun in grassy heathland.

A few more photographs from Mary have now been added.