Moths in August

This summer's drought may affect moth populations next year, but it's very difficult to attribute causes as populations fluctuate season by season anyway. This year for example, Large Yellow Underwings seem unusually scarce over the whole country.

Copper Underwing moth (MA)


Another, unrelated Underwing, Copper, (see left) can be seen in the later part of the summer. It's cryptically-marked upper wings hide the metallic copper coloured lower wings.Its caterpillars feed on Oak.



Bordered Beauty moth (MA)

 The willow feeding Bordered Beauty (right), seen at the Luckett Mine Site survey recently, is a highly attractive rather uncommon moth to look out for now, and Rosy Rustics (see below) are beginning to emerge. Their subtle pink and olive colour may fade with wear but the underlying pattern is constant. They can vary quite considerably in size probably reflecting how well the caterpillar stage has fed on a range of low-growing plants.

Rosy Rustic moth (MA)