The Asian Hornet. ID info and advice

Poster about the Asian Hornet


Just heard earlier that the Asian Hornet, Vespa velutina, has been sighted in Cornwall, in the Fowey area. Now in Liskeard, that's getting close!

Some distance from us but even so, it is worth looking at this website (click to link) for information and some useful resources, especially a poster that gives a simple ID check and how to report. 

And there are apps for phones as well so you can report a sighting with a photo.

I am more than a little concerned that any hornet or hornet's nest will be victimised! We do seem to be seeing a lot this year; I had a couple in the moth trap yesterday but they really are quite different; larger for a start and with much more yellow, especially on their abdomens, but the nests look quite similar.

Use the link above to get to webpage to download the poster illustrated on the left.