Developing The Parish Wildlife project

Co-ordinating the five parishes in the current scheme is a substantial management commitment. Extending the Parish-Wildlife approach to other parishes in the Launceston area and to other location outside Launceston requires some changes in the management approach. The Your Heritage Lottery award that started at the end of 2006 and running until early 2009, provides for developing the scheme to minimise the management and develop a model that could be adopted in both Devon and Cornwall. We see the Parish-Wildlife model offered as one option for activities of local groups in both counties. The scheme needs to be developed so that it can be self managing with minimum input from the Wildlife Trusts.

The current active Parish-Wildlife Groups

Map showing the Launceston and Tavistock project areasThe Project has been funded to support :

  • The involvement in this development of staff from both county Wildlife Trusts and their Environmental Record Centres.
  • The production of this website and
  • Basic training in key elements of the IT development.

The Tavistock local group of Devon Wildlife Trust (DWT) is being supported by LAPWG while it sets up its own scheme, optimised for its own Trust's management, with the intention of forming its own independent Parish Wildlife Group by the end of the Your Heritage Award.

LAPWG is also examining the potential for Parish Wildlife communities to provide support to local Primary Schools - we will be working with North Petherwin Primary School during this project - and with the Wildlife Group of the Launceston Branch of U3A to explore the provision of recording facilities to communities other than parishes.

How Parishes and local groups are supported by the Wildlife Local group and the Wildlife Trust are show in the Management Structure