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The 25 Year Environment Plan

This is the new plan from the government regarding the management of our environment. There has been quite a few discussions and comment in the media. Mixed reactions ~ all very well having a plan but it's the actions that are needed.

The complete report 151 pages long so it is quite a read but there is a more manageable summary available separately.

Click here to reach the web-page where you can downloan the files to read for yourself. 

And the State of the UK's Bats report (good news!)

Some good news! Many of our bat species are holding their own and even increasing, surveys have shown.

If you would like to download the report from the Bat Conservation Trust, click here ro reach the web-page. I haven't had time to read this in detail but Lesser & Greater Horseshoe bats are two of the species that seem to be doing well.

Hedgehog Report 2018

Some of you may be interested to read 'The State of Britain's Hedgehogs' report publiched by the People's Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) and the British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS).

Click here to reach the page where you can download the report. 

You can zoom in on the map and, apart from the moors, Cornwall is quite well covered. And the data includes records from the Mammal Society and the BTO Garden Birdwatch recorders who record mammals. 

Moths in February