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Another Red Kite

A party of Callington U3A birders visited Walmsley Sanctuary on Jan. 9th. and saw a Red Kite, mobbed by a big flock of corvids, fly east across the far side of the Reserve.

Bats in Boxes at Armstrongs Wood Reserve

On the afternoon of Jan. 9th. 2009, Mary and I went to have a look to see if there was anything in the polystyrene bat boxes at Armstrongs Wood Reserve.

There was nothing in the first one along the leat, but there were about 10 Noctules cuddled up together in the second. All you need is a reasonable torch to see them from the ground. I'd be interested to hear if anybody else goes in there and sees them. I took some photos but they were not sharp enough to be worth keeping. (I think the camera focused on the near edge of the box, instead of the back corner!)

What ate the frog; left this mess of spawn and these scats in our field?

Two days ago, we discovered this mess of un-developed spawn on grass up in the field about 10 metres from the pond and stream. Remains of frog spawn after frog had been eaten by predator

We know that otters can do this ~ discarding the spawn when they catch and eat a frog but we're a fair way up from the river.

Birds in the garden

The recent cold weather has certainly driven birds down into the valley - we have seen snipe, starlings, wood pigeons in the garden - which are firsts. Also there seem to be a lot more small birds on the feeders - goldfinches, blue/marsh/coal.great tits nuthatches, GS woodpeckers, dunnock, robins and chaffinches and a lot of blackbirds and pied wagtails on the ground - it is costing me a fortune in bird food!

More Red Kites seen~

This time in North Hill parish, on farmland between Coads Green and Way Cross; reported by a farmer who saw one in flight back in September 2008 and then one feeding on the ground while he was ploughing in early December. As he said, if only he'd had a camera in the cab, he could have taken a photo ~ it was so close!

Red Kites in Cornwall?

Red kiteChris Robbins from Nethercott, just over the Cornwall / Devon border near the Polson Rugby Ground has reported seeing a Red Kite.

Sighting: 2nd Nov 2008

Red Kite conservation has been a success story, following reintroduction in the Chilterns



More reading suggestions....

I've just finished  Gilbert White's Natural History of Selbourne - considering it was written about 250 years ago it is an excellent read with lots of observations on the unseasonal weather (ring any bells?), the changing seasons and the wildlife he was observing in his Parish in rural Hampshire. He struggles with his observations of swallows and swifts - do they migrate or do they hibernate like bats?

Advice on Beetle in the garden

We saw this beetle in the garden on Oct. 4th. What is it please? (See Library Photos under Prionus corarius.)

 See Web Image  and distribution of this longhorn Beetle

Anyone know what this insect, probably a bug is?

Noticed this clump of debris on the bird feeder tray when it start to move! If you look closely at the images, you can see the short hind legs, an eye, abdominal segments and what I think may be reproductive organs like pincers at the end tip of the abdomen. Took pictures using super macro & the focus is not perfect but the creature was only about 3mm long.

A delightful book to read this winter

We thoroughly recommend 'Wildwood, a Journey Through Trees' by Roger Deakin.

It's not just about trees & wood but his relationship with them as well as the wildlife that live within woodland habitats.  One of those books that changes perceptions!    Penguin 2007  £8.99     ISBN:9780141010014

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