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1st June 2008 - Camera Course at Netherton

Magpies attacking windows

For weeks two magpies have been attacking our Windows to the extent that we fear they will break the glass.

Snipe Drumming

A small group from the Tavistock group went out on the moor, between Princetown and Yelverton at dusk to listen to snipe drumming.  Despite drizzle we still managed to hear male snipe drumming.

Cuckoo Bee and moths, May

Th following moths are currently common in the hedgerows in the Launceston area - Green Carpets and Silver-ground carpets. There was also several parasitic bees looking more like a wasp- see below, along with some notes on them, thanks to I Mc

Green Carpet Moth in SX 3385 near Milways  

Winning Outdoor Images (1)

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Dawn Chorus, Oldhay

We had a great time at Oldhay today. Thanks Dee and all your family for making it so special.

See our new section on Bird song and the Dawn Chorus, where there is a list of species we noted between 4.30 and 5.30 am

Raw sex in North Petherwin!

The following are both new sightings for us.


On Tuesday 13th about 11.15am we happened to look up over our orchard and saw a pair of swifts copulating on the wing - a very brief process. We do not normally see swifts here - we major on swallows, at least 5 pairs so far this year, and with the occaisional visiting house martin.


Cuckoos and other Eastmoor Migrants

Eastmoor habitatSunday 11th May. Having been asked to show someone a Cuckoo, 3 of us took local advice and worked our way up Fox Tor from Eastmoor Gate.

May 2008 Sightings

Please report your first sightings of species in May 2008 by adding comments to this posting. If you have an early or a special record to share with members immediately, then record then let us know by posting a comment, below!

April 2008 Sightings

I have seen various records by members of first sightings of birds, butterfiles etc. I will check them shortly and bring them all together on this posting. I hope that people will add their own records for April , by adding comments to this posting. If you have an early record then let us know! I am creating one for May, too, so please do the same with that posting. Birds Butterflies Mammals

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