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A delightful book to read this winter

We thoroughly recommend 'Wildwood, a Journey Through Trees' by Roger Deakin.

It's not just about trees & wood but his relationship with them as well as the wildlife that live within woodland habitats.  One of those books that changes perceptions!    Penguin 2007  £8.99     ISBN:9780141010014

golden plovers

3 golden plovers were seen on eastmoor on the 19th.  They had been heard before that.

New address for our website

The new address:

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We are aware of some differences with the new site.

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First siskin

Today (30 Sept) we had our first siskins on the birdfeeders. We normally get a pair or two around Febraury, but have never seen them so early in the winter here. Shows how this species is being so successful

Rooks using smoke to remove parasites?


Tonight we observed rooks from the small Spot the rookrookery we have neighbouring our garden in the Warbstow area smoke themselves on top of our chimney when we light our woodburner. They are presumably getting rid of parasites.

Death's Head Hawk Moth Caterpillar

Relatives of ours photographed this in their garden in Spain.

Deaths head Caterpillars are typically coloured yellow, with dark oblique stripes down the side, but a brown form of the caterpillar like this one also occur somewhat less frequently.

It is thought that this brown form of the caterpillar is a form of mimicry which closely resembles a snake and serves to prevent it being eaten by predators.

Bald headed Bird

We took this picture on a visit to London recently. Has the poor thing lost it's head feathers or is there a species which looks like this?


 Bald Headed Bird

Caterpillar for identification

Found walking across the path in a garden in North Petherwin


Approx 2 inches long

Caterpillar for identification

Have the Swifts left us already?

On the 2nd August 2008, I was pleased to see several dozen Swifts flying around above Glenkeller, Launceston. I had not see any since, but I saw 2 on the 6th Aug in the same region, flying high in a fine drizzle.

Can anyone else provide information of the Swifts leaving this year?

Home Page reference to What to Look for

We are now linking to What to Look for in a given quarter from the home page, in the main heading at the top. The article will provide a lot of internal links to other pages, such as Study Gropus and invite anyone seeing it to send us details of species seen in that quarter.

It should improve a lot with time, including images and external references where suitable.

Comments on what to include are welcome

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