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Moths of Autumn (updated)

Moths to be seen now, in mid-autumn, may be the wonderfully camouflaged Merveille du Jour. 

Merveille du Jour moth (MA)

November Moths are numerous, either coming to light or to be lit up by the headlights when driving in the lanes after dark. November and Early November Moth, and Autumnal and Pale Autumnal Moth are impossible to distinguish without dissection (gen.det.) so all should be recorded as 'November agg.'

Late Red Admiral

We have a number of different colour forms of Buddleia davidii in the garden, pruned differently to give a wider spread of flowering time. And we have a different one too, pale orange blending into pale mauve. It attracted insects very well in August. I cut off the spent flowers and in October and now into November it's had a second crop and is still attracting insects including night flying moths. Tony saw a Red Admiral nectaring on it yesterday Nov. 13th. Only hindsight will tell us the last date!

A new charter for trees

Two copies of the original 1217 'Charter of the Forest' survive, one copy is at Lincoln Castle where, on November 6th., 2017, a new charter has been created 800 years later.

Everyone who is interested is invited to sign the charter which can be found here (Click to link to the web page) and sets out principles and aims for the next century at least. You can add your name to the charter online.

Honeycomb Worm

Although we've been here for nearly fifty years and have visited Bude many times, we had never walked out beyond the breakwater until yesterday. It was low water on a big tide, and we were astonished to find great pllowy encrustations of the sand-coloured tubes of the Honeycomb Worm, Sabellaria aereolata on the reefs of rocks running out to sea.

A steep decline in flying insects?

You may have seen some of the articles about this in the newspapers over the last couple of days but I have read a bit further and think we should all take note!

Firecrest in the garden today

Although we lose the sun in winter, our little valley was blissfully sheltered for much of today with the winds from ex-hurricane Ophelia, blowing all the leaves over our heads as we sat outside to enjoy the sunshine.

Hearing an unfamiliar call, I realised that there was a very small bird about a metre away in the honeysuckle and no, it wasn't a Goldcrest (which we see quite often), it had a large and bright eyestripe. Reading up and watching the BTO video, I'm sure it was a female Firecrest and there are plenty reports on Twitter from bird ringers further west. 

Autumn walks with Botanical Cornwall

Ian Bennallick from the Botanical Cornwall Group is leading a few more walks this autumn, several along our side of Bodmin Moor. Several of the walks will be over moorland and through marshy areas and some hills will be quite steep but we know all that don't we?

PLEASE NOTE THAT IAN WOULD LIKE PEOPLE TO LET HIM KNOW IF THEY ARE JOINING THE WALK , this is because he can then let people know if he has to cancel because of poor weather.

His contact details are 01726 890384 or 07714 738189 mobile and email is:

Moth Nights 2017

The national moth nights are on October 12/13/14 which is rather late in the season but for a reason~ the focus is on the moths visiting ivy flowers. Not exclusively of course but we need ivy at head height rather that way up in the trees which is where mine is.

If anyone knows of a publicly accessible (or with owners permission) wall which will still be covered in ivy flowers in mid October, please let me know. (

Weather permitting, I am certain that we will organise a moth evening somewhere; details will be posted/emailed when known.

The Dragonfly Challenge!

Following on from the success of the Big Butterfly Count, the British Dragonfly Society are running a challenge this year over the week of July 15th to the 23rd.

The idea being for people to go out and visit ponds, rivers and wetlands to record the dragon and damsel flies seen without an apparent time limit.

Butterflies at Penlee Battery with Cornwall Butterfly Conservation

A couple of years ago, Pete and I joined Leon Truscott and other B-Fly Conservation people to search for butterflies, especially the marbled whites at this reserve down in south-east Cornwall. Walking through the reserve, you end up at Penlee point overlooking Plymouth Sound. All are welcome, you don't have to be a member.

The event is on July 8th and all the meeting details can be found listed on their web-site. Click here to link

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