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Goldfinch and Siskin - winter garden visitors

Not all of you will be aware of the attraction of Niger seed to Goldfinches and Sisikins. Both these birds can be attractive visitors to gardens in the winter. I have had a small Niger-holding container for several weeks in my garden and over the last two days, I am at last seeing both species.

Very Succesful Roadford Event

Our first event of the year, focussing on winter migrants at Roadford was a great success. Malcolm managed to arrange the perfect weather and we all seemed to be in the mood to enjoy the birdwatching, walk and lunch.

For a report by Hilary and a few photos Click here

Please send any images you have to Malcolm and we can add them to the report..

A who done it (fish loss in pond)

Seen anything Special?

We would like to see you using this facility to tell us when you have seen something in the wildlife field that that you feel is special for the area of North Cornwall and Tavistock - maybe late Butterfiles, active Bat colonies, Plants flowering out of season, early Frog or Toad spawn, Muntjac Deer .....

Don't forget

Winter arrivals

Will it be a cold winter? If the arrival of Redwings and Fieldfares in my garden is an indication, then we are in for a snorter.

About 30+ Redwings and 5 Fieldfares passed through earlier this week, stopping to feed on the apples lying on the ground. When a family of 5 Song Thrushes joined them for a bathe in the pond, it was a thrush convention!



squawking in the night...

What sort of noise do tawny owls make in the nest? we have been seranaded into the small hours by what sounds like a squirrel shreiking from a large oak tree - seems unlikely that a squirrel would be active all night - could this be young tawny owls?

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