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New web-site for Cornwall Wildlife Trust

CWT have published their new web-site and it is very different! I have just been checking our event details on the What's on section and will investigate the rest of it in a minute. They are planning to provide a page for all the affiliated groups in due course.

Click here to link

Early sightings

As everyone says, it's a funny season! Frogspawn in our garden pond has appeared several weeks early. We saw a Swallow flying over Luckett allotment on Jan 2nd and a birding friend saw 2 at Halton Quay on 4th Jan.

Two Bloody-nosed Beetles crossed the road in front of us on two occasions a couple of days ago.


First frogspawn this morning in our pond in the field here at Middlewood. Interesting to compare with last five years as follows~

2011 Jan 25th; 2012 Jan 19th; 2013 Jan 29th; 2014 Feb 18th; 2015 Feb 13th  

So for this year, and in comparison, Jan 27th is not all that early.

In the '70's we used to see frogspawn as early as Boxing Day with a second spawning in February but the very early layers seemed to have been slowly wiped out by a series of very hard frosts. 

Tree planters needed at Stara Woods, NEW DATE!

About 250 young trees have been ordered to add to ones planted last winter in Broad Wood at the top of Stara Woods (by the bridge over the river Lynher between Bathpool & Rilla Mill Map ref: SX289738).

We planned to start this on Saturday February 6th but have had to postpone to next Saturday FEBRUARY 13th., meeting first by the bridge at 10am. Tools, food etc can be taken up to the barn by Land Rover while we make our way up the footpaths to the top.

Water Vole

Yesterday (Sunday 1st November), Eric and I, wishing to take advantage of a day of unseasonably warm and cloudless weather, took a walk along part of the Bude Canal.

Not far past the new weir and fish ladder, between Helebridge and Rodds Bridge, we spied a floating wooden structure which we recognised as a device used for recording footprints of whatever may pass within.  

Almost miraculously as we were contemplating this structure we saw a creature enter it and come through the other side before disappearing into the water and then into the bank.

The Living World programmes on BBC iPlayer

Tony Atkinson asked me to let you all know about the series of natural history radio programmes that are now available from the BBC Radio iPlayer. These were a series recorded some years ago but still of interest with new introductions. I had heard about the dormouse one 'The Seven Sleeper' from the dormouse forum~ no pictures obviously but very clear & atmospheric sound effects. 

Click here to link to the web page. You will need the iPlayer software which is free to download.

Garden birds affected by lethal parasite

Joe Caudle at Truscott has asked me to inform everyone that there are signs that the parasite, Trichomonias, has started to affect garden birds. I wonder if this is a result of the wet and humid August weather?


Last year we had a family of Stoats of the garden, they done a good job of keeping the rabbits away for a while. We couldn't believe it when we had another family again this year, five kits and the two adults. I managed to get some footage with the trail camera:



I had seen a brown bird disappearing into the barn wall and thought at first it was a robin until I saw it creep up the wall. Realising it was a treecreeper I quickly set up the camera, and as luck would have it I caught the young leave the nest site. Video link:


The Big Butterfly Count starts soon...

Just to remind everyone that this year's Big Butterfly Count starts on July 17th and runs until August 9th. 

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