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Lethytep open for CWT this Sunday, July 5th

This is Philip Hambly's garden and wildlife area near Lanreath. Missed the opening last week for Butterfly Conservation so we plan to go this Sunday.

Address is Lethytep, Penadlake, nr. Lanreth, PL13 2PG Admission is £4, children free.

52 acres of woodland, wildflower meadows and lakes. The fields of wildflowers were really lovely when we visited a few years ago. There will be refreshments for sale and a moth collection from the night before.

Family Visit

Over the past couple of days we have been delighted to find that a pair of Bullfinches, which has been visiting our garden for several months now, kindly decided to bring along their new family - namely three rather noisy fledglings.  The youngsters are similar in colouring to their mother, but do not sport the rather distinctive black head.

Water Vole

Saw a Water Vole over at Hele Bridge - Bude Canal on Sunday 14th, brilliant.

Cornwall Wildlife Trust at the Royal Cornwall Show

CWT will be on stand 353 so do visit if you can to see their latest projects which include 'Upstream Thinking' working with farmers to improve water quality for both wildlife and people.

Their 'My Wild Life' campaign has some new input and the Nature Reserves Team will be talking about and answering questions about the reserves across Cornwall.

There's free Wild Life face painting for the young at heart and other activities for children. 

Red Kites at Minions

Irene's sighting has reminded me to report that 2 or 3 Red Kites were seen around the Cheesewring Quarry and Stowe's Pound last week. Apparently the resident Ravens 'saw them off' ~ although a smaller bird, they can be quite fierce and obviously anxious to retain their territory.

Also last week, Derek Spooner (Kilminorth Woods) who records for the BTO, said that there have been several sightings of Red Kites over the last month across the county. Wonder if any will find sites to breed? 

Red Kite

A Red Kite flew over Trekenner this morning at about 8.15. I managed to track it with the binoculars, going in an easterly direction, for several minutes.


Red Kites in town

4 Red Kites were soaring above Pipers Pool on the A395 yesterday (13th May) afternoon - they seem to becoming regular visitors to Cornwall - perhaps they will settle in one day?

Harsh Nature!

Yesterday afternoon I watched a Mapie come into the garden and disappear into the privet hedge between my neighbour's and my garden.  Knowing what its intentions were, I was, at first, tempted to chase it off.  However realising that it was just nature at work, I refained from disturbing it on its rather upsetting mission, and a few seconds later I watched as it re-emerged with a baby bird in its beak. House Sparrows nest in that hedge and I suspect there is now one less nestling.  

First Hummingbird Hawkmoth

First of these this year; Pete spotted it feeding on the Rhododendron luteum which is that lovely scented deciduous Azalea (old name!).

Sadly, no photograph~ a blur would not have been of interest! 

More spring notes~

Was happy to hear the Cuckoo last week on the 25th April but Adrian reported hearing them earlier on the edge of the moor above Blackcombe during the second week of April.

Chiffchaffs and Blackcaps are singing throughout the day and the Mistlethrush is on round two I think as it is once again singing from the tree tops. Fully fledged Robins are about and I don't think I've ever seen so many Orange-tip butterflies at once; even driving along the lanes on a sunny morning, the males could be seen flying their beat every few yards.

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