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Cornwall Wildlife Trust's Discovery Day on November 8th.

A lot of us are already members of CWT (of which we are a local group) but for those who are not, or who may be thinking of joining, they are holding their annual Discovery Day right down in Penzance this year on Saturday November 8th.

National Moth Nights, our results

For those of you who are interested in moths, I have inserted a new page into our Moth Study Group section with images and a list of species recorded.

Click here to link

The section on recording moths in Cornwall has also been up-dated (click here to link)with information from Leon Truscott, our County Moth Recorder. 

CWT & Cornwall Today Magazine Wildlife Awards

As a local group of the Cornwall Wildlife Trust, we are asked to support their nomination for the Cornwall Today Wildlife Award which is dependent on our (and the public's) votes.

If you would like to give your support and recognise the work they do and we do through this local gropup then please vote ~ THE DEADLINE IS MIDNIGHT ON SUNDAY 31ST AUGUST!

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Thank you! 

Rare moth

Least Carpet caught in Robinson light trapI

This little moth was caught in a Robinson light trap on 21st July 2014 in my garden at Rezare.

I identified it as a Least Carpet and then had it verified by Mary Atkinson and then we both had it verified by Leon Truscott, the Cornwall County Moth Recorder.

White-letter Hairstreak butterfly found in east Cornwall!

This is from Mary Atkinson with photos from Tony:

  "People have searched Cornwall fruitlessly for the White-letter Hairstreak for some years. It is a Nationally Scarce and rapidly-declining species which feeds on Elm (preferably Wych Elm) and has no doubt been hard-hit by the loss of elms due to Dutch Elm Disease.

A few years ago some overwintering eggs were found on elms in Torpoint but the adults have not been seen. 

Lime Hawkmoth laying eggs

The Big Butterfly Count 2014

After such lovely spring & summer weather and an early season which is already showing signs of autumn, will the weather hold for the Big Butterfly Count which runs from Sunday July 19th to August 10th.

Last year was pretty good so let's be positive and download & print out the ID guides and record sheets from  

First flight and a near disaster

A few days ago whilst doing some gentle gardening, a small brown bird flew with great determination staright past me with wings whirring in almost a clockwork fashion. It crashed into one shrub then took off again and hit the window but bounced upwards and landed on a twig. I was able to use the zoom to take this picture of what was a fledgling Robin after its first flight. It does not look very impressed with life with the remains of the 'gape' around its adult bill. 

National Moth Nights, details for our area

This year, woodland moths are the focus for the National Moth Nights on July 3rd, 4th & 5th, so we have ample to choose from! Click here to link to the web-site to find out more.

Mary Atkinson will take the lead on this but we have arranged three sites: Halvana Plantation near East Moorgate; Middlewood and Carthamartha near Rezare.


I have a family of six stoats playing in the garden, video on following link:

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