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The Rocks around You~ talk on the 21st at the Liskerrett Centre, Liskeard

Some of you may be interested in the latest talk from the Caradon Amateur Geology Group (CAGG) which is called: 'Field Geology 101~ Everything You Need to Know About the Rocks Around You'. Polzeath Field Trip

Friday, Feb 21st at 7:30pm. Adults £1.50, Juniors 50p. in the Main Hall of the Liskerrett Centre, Liskeard. Click here for map & directions.

Lull amidst the storms

Species vernacular names


And now there's a Big Spawn Count!

No, not every single egg but by the number of clumps!

I haven't seen this survey before but it is run by the Freshwater Habitats Trust and is a very simple survey to fill in.

Aimed at garden and school ponds rather than larger ponds or lakes and a good survey for children (of all ages) to take part in.

Click here to follow a link to the survey page. And make sure that our area shows up.

Cornwall Mammal Group's Quiz!

Mammal Group's Fun Quiz & Supper on Tuesday 28th January 2014

6.30pm to 9.00pm at The Hawkins Arms, Zelah, (just off the A30, near Allet) TR4 9HU

A time to chat over supper & show off your mammal trivia with a light-hearted quiz

Can you answer the following questions?

Which bat has the furriest feet?

       What do you call a group of porpoises?          How do you cook a hedgehog?

Early Butterfly

20th January 2014 - on a walk near Golitha Falls I spied my first butterfly of the year, on the wing, outside, in the warm winter sunshine.  This was a peacock butterfly and, considering the fact that there had been frost on the ground and ice on the roads earlier on that morning, was quite a surprise to me.


On the same walk I saw snowdrops in flower, again the first of the year.  

 Does this mean that spring is around the corner?

Early Bird Survey with the BTO

The BTO (British Trust for Ornithology are running a national 'Early Bird Survey' on January 9th (or a day or two either side of that date) to gather information about when birds actually start to feed from bird stations.

You are asked to describe any light sources in your area as well so this is an attempt to measure the effects of non-natural light on bird activity.

Most of us in our area live in places where there is a minimum of light 'pollution' but because of that, our timings will make an interesting comparison.

Moth nights 2014

Moth Events 2014

I propose to e-mail members interested in spending an hour or two by the moth light at an assortment of sites in 2014. As it is tricky to arrange meetings in advance as the conditions may turn out to be unsuitable, I will notify in advance with as much notice as possble, but it may only be a day or two.

Any members interested in going on the list, please send me, Mary Atkinson, at your e-mail address (preferably) or phone no.

Cornwall's very own Mammal Atlas!

Cornwall Mammal AtlasCornwall Mammal Group have worked so very hard to produce a new and up-to-date Atlas of Mammals in Cornwall and our LAPWG records are in there!

It is about A5 size and full of colour photos, distribution maps and special references to Cornish life, for a mammal!

All the more reason to order a copy or two as it may be ready in time for Christmas  or the New Year...

Cornwall Wildlife Trust's AGM & Discovery Day 2013

Those of you who are CWT members will have been notified about this already ~ I've just booked in using their online booking form.

But for those of you who are interested in the coastal wildlife of the county, after the short AGM there is a programme of talks to which ALL are welcome. It is taking place at the Keay Theatre, St. Austell so not too far to drive.

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