Amphibians & Reptiles Study Group

Pond Check

POND CHECK ~ help stop the spread of these non-native pond plants by assisting ERCCIS with this new project. The details below are taken from the page on their web site. They provide downloadable ID sheets, management advice and recording forms.

Recording Ponds

Recording Village Ponds. We need to record the Size and Status of each pond identified and record any historic information. Visits should only be made with the landowners permission.

Size can be estimated or paced out, depending on access. The measurement should be both the size of any depression and the fraction filled with water at the time of visit

Ponds, Amphibians & Reptiles

Ponds, Amphibians & Reptiles Study Group

There is a lot of interest in Parish Ponds and several of our meetings are based on such places. This section covers some of the back ground on Ponds, Amphibians, Reptiles etc

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