About Parish Wildlife

Checking for Duplicate Records

Looking for and removing Duplicate Records.

Including Group Findings in Overall Stats

Changes in Jan 2010, now provides the option to  include or exclude Wildlife Diary Statistics in the Launceston Overview Findings.

This is done by editing the Group home page :


Other Parish Menu sections

Most of the other Parish sections are generated by the database. The following table lists them and any actions suggested to maintain them.

Managing the Parish Home Page

The Parish Home page can be edited by the Parish Coordinator, who needs to be logged in. At the top of the page are 4 menu options: Edit, Track, Categories, Email, [only visible after logging in].

The important options are Edit and Email.

A New Parish

Kingfisher D NortheyThese notes are to guide those in charge of the new parish group understand all the sections of the menu for the new group and contribute to the content of some of the sections. The menu structure for the new group will have been created by the site manger.

The Objective of the Parish Group Menu is to:

Layout of the website

The Launceston Parish Wildlife website has a well-defined structure, but new members need some guidance to learn what the site has to offer and how to find their way about. This page explains what each of the primary links connect to. The final New Member's page presents the most common uses of the site for a member of a parish group.

Create an Event Report

Creating an Event Report.

Parish Administrators defined on the website are able to create an Event Report. The text below defines most of the procedure ..

Write Event Report is available from the Group Adminjstrator Quick Links. It only has 5 key fields to fill in:

Communicate with Group members

Using the Email option for a Group. Emails can be sent to all the Users who have emails and want to receive them. If a member does not have an email, or does not want to receive emails, a setting in the User's account nededs to be changed - see below*.

The facility to send e-mails is accessed from the top of the home page of the Group: Group email option

Add a Group Event to show on the website

Details of Events can be aded to the website at any time - they are held in a database and are shown when they are due on the Home page and in any relevant Group menu.

The Event is created from the Group Administer Quick menu selecting Create Event.

All of the boxes on the create Event form should be filled in down as far as Equipment and Booking. The options, other than Submit below this, should be ignored. The content required by most of the fields is obvious.

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