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Adding a Library Image

Adding an Image for the Library

All users with Login. All users who have a login to the LAPWG website have the ability to add their own images to the site. The process differs slightly depending on what type of user you are, i.e. a user with a role of “Parish Administrator” will have more options available during the image adding process than a standard user. I have included all options below, but have marked those which are only available to certain users.

Manage Content

The section Search and Edit Content  provides a useful way of managing content, as explained, below. It is useful to people managing the website to see when the content changes and to check the latest additions for obvious errors in the content (we do not adopt a policy of only publishing when the content is perfect- we prefer to see Users adding information freely, with occasional checks).

Manage Content

Manage Users

There are two useful facilities to manage Users - members who have a login, both available from the Site Manager and data manager quick menus.

Add an Image block with the best parish images, to the parish Home page

Each Parish home page is provided with a small block at the bottom of the page, making available the best quality images for that parish. This is provided by
- the View Randomimage_group http://www.launcestonparishwildlife.org.uk/?q=admin/build/views/randomimage_group/edit
- the Block Randomimage_group http://www.launcestonparishwildlife.org.uk/?q=admin/build/block/configure/views/randomimage_group configured to be in Content Bottom.

Adding Downloads to pages

Downloads are easily attached to pages and can be integrated into the text on the page or left as attachments, showing at the bottom of a the page. Having created the files that are needed to attach:

Select the page  and select Edit.
Open the Attachments menu  below the Audience section
Select Browse, find the file and select it
Select Add, below the box after confirming the file is the right one.

The file will now be shown listed as shown below:

Site Content Assessment

Site Content and its significance.
The site has been designed to do many things. The needs at any time will change. This will affect the emphasis placed on different sections
of the site and on the maintenance of them. This section will list the current functions, the current status of them and present them for the committee to decide on where to implement changes.

Regular Site Maintenace

Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Maintenance. There are a small number of regular activities to perform on the site. Backing up of the database containing all the information added to the site will be covered here, once the facility is created.

Monthly Maintenance:Spam Users

Spreading the News!

Education. BS started a process of training in the use of the website in June 2008,  starting with the Parish Coordinators, with the idea of asking them to train their own members. Suitable notes for introducing the website have now been placed on the website under:

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