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Check and add to Vocabulary Lists

Lists of various parameters are used to select from when adding information.

The lists are accessed from Administer Site, Content Management, Categories

Typical Categories are: Form Types, Site sections such as Groups, Species Lists, such separate Butterflies and Moth lists, Habitat lists, Habitat Types, Weather for moth trapping etc.

Creating an Image Gallery for a Group to appear on a separate page in the menu

Image galleries for a given group require selection of a particular content type - Images - filtered to show only images tagged for that group. This is achieved with a View to be described separately.

In this instance we can make use of  existing image gallery pages and views prepared for other groups. This is achieved in 3 Steps:

1. Add a study group page to the Group to hold the View and call it Image Gallery, adjusting the weighting to place the page in the right place within the menu.

Add new Group

Groups can be project groups, which are set up to work tracking specific species or to study an environment, or Community groups, which are centered on parishes or geographical areas ie  Study Groups and Parish Groups  - all are set up in the same way, though, using  Create Content - Group, available in the Site Manager menu.

Managing User Accounts

User Accounts have many fields, some of which are more important than others. It is important that tha Data Analyst and the Group Leader are aware of the key fields and how to set them.

How to add a new page in a menu

Adding a new page to extend the menu structure is a vital part of  building the website content.

There are two options that are used - adding a Study Group Page to any menu that is based on Groups, such as Parish Groups, Study Groups                                                                         - adding a Page anywhere else in the menus.

How to add a Special Event

Adding Special Events.  Special events can provide a headache for Data Analysts if they have to add a lot of them for many users/members. With the new website, we have developed:

  • the use of pre-defined parish Tetrads to use as Observation Locations other than their own default survey area
  • a way to allow user members to add their own special events, through their personal Nature Notes


How to Create a Nature Note

A Nature Note can be used in two ways

- as a personal diary of things you do and see, supplemented with pictures you have taken and links to relevant websites
- to publish the 'Special Events' you observe. These are observations that require a description of the event, something that is not possible to add when completeing your quarterly diary checklist

This note covers the personal Nature Note. A separate note covers converting this to a Special Event record.

Adding Content to the Library

The Library is a resource of local wildlife information, mostly created by members, currently in 3 different categories. It can be searched to find information.

How to use the Text Editor

Adding content to the body section of Nature Notes, Discussion Postings, Library Images and Pages etc.

How to use the Discussion Form

While anyone can read the topics posted on the forum, (the most recent are displayed on the home page), you do have to be a member and log in to be able to enter topics of your own. (Please use this facility to add Public comments. Nature Notes are private and seen only by the person generating them)

Click on the menu headin Discuss
Click on the link Post new forum topic

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