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The most common use of the website for a member would be through the Home page, via your own Parish or Group, through your Login menu or with the Discussion Forum:

From the Homepage

Special Event Creation and Viewing

Adding Special Events.  Special events can provide a headache for Data Analysts if they have to add a lot of them for many users/members. With the new website, we have developed two approaches to simplify the tasks:
1. The use of pre-defined parish Tetrads to use as Observation Locations other than their own default survey area
2. A way to allow user members to add their own special events, through their personal Nature Notes

Checking Diary Records

Having added Diary Records the Data Analyst may need to check the progress after interruption, edit any record for which the wrong year or quarter has been added, etc. There are several ways of doing this. The Data Analyst Tools contains menus and individual records can be traced from the summary statistics under Findings withing each Parish section. The latter are particularly useful for providing information on species seen for progress reports. It is also important to check to see if any records have been entered twice. See Duplicate Records.

Add a new Diary Record

Adding a Diary Record for Members & Users is straightforward for members who have already had records entered, or new members who have defined Usernames and default Observation Locations. This can be checked by looking at Diarists in my Parish in the left-hand menu.
(If not, you will need to use the Administer Users tool to add a new Member (p.7) or New Observation Location (p.9) if not already listed. and then return to this section)

The Actions:

Data Analyst Tools and Side menus

Data Analyst Tools – a summary of the left-hand menus
To help with the tasks listed above, each DA is provided with a set of tools, accessed by the Data Analyst Tools. This menu appears on the left-hand side of the screen when anyone with the Data Analyst Role logs into the website.

The tools are grouped into 4 categories:  (The numbers referred to are those of the relevant pages in the Download Document)

Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms:

A Data Analyst (DA) is the person in a parish who is given the role of adding records (Diary and Special Events) on behalf of a given parish or group and in administering the User & Observation Location details. Initially, all records from the parish will be entered by the DA, but once the bugs have been ironed out, individual members of a Parish or Group will be given permission & training to add their own records if they want to (see Observer, below).

Data Analyst Notes

The Role of the Data Analyst

The Data Analyst is the person in a parish who is given the role of adding records from the Quarterly Diary Checklists, Special Events and Study Groups that they are involved in. Once the system has been thoroughly tested, it will be possible for the DA to train individual diarists to enter their own records. The Data Analyst will be able to check parish records, summaries and search for individual species.

Site manager Activity Log

This section will log all the Site Manager Activites from mid November 2008, to illustrate the tasks involved, the difficult and the frequency, so that potental site managers of other Parish Wildlife groups can get a feel for what is involved.

Difficulty  * 5 mins;  ** 30 mins;  *** 1-2h;  **** >0.5 day;  ***** several days of learning required to achieve task

New Member Welcome

Welcome to the growing community using our Launceston Area Parish Wildlife website.  We hope that you'll enjoy sharing in our activities.

Site manager

Certain activities are required for the management of the site as a whole.

At the moment, the extent of such activities are less clear. This section will contain:

A log of activities performed by the current Site Manager

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