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For members with defined Roles

Members with defined Roles, such as Group Administrators and Data Analysts of a parish or study group,  have the capability of adding and editing a wider range of data to contribute to the management of their own section of the website. [Site manager notes and Management Committee issues are defined separately].
Members can be trained to add their own data - see Recorders

All members with a login

This covers short topics which guide members in contributing to the website.

How to use the text editor tool bar to control the content of the Body box - inserting (embedding) images, tables, hyperlinks etc

How to use the Forum, to ask or answer questions, report important sightings, explain any problems using the site

General advice filling in the forms to create content

The format for adding data / images etc is fixed by the Drupal software used to create the site. The software is powerful, but lacks some flexibilty when it comes to filling in forms to add a page, an image etc and there are several parts on these forms where sections do not have to be filled in, so members need advice as much on what not to fill in as what to fill in. This section is provided as a reference document for anyone who is unsure how to fill in forms, particularly members with specific management roles.

Help Notes

This will provide some helpful text for all members including those with management roles to interact with the site.

All aspects on interacting with the site will eventually be presented in this section

Some instructions covering the most common interactions will also be made available as downloadable documents in compact 'How To....' notes defining a single task. These could be extended on a need basis as more people interact with the site.

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Study Group info (3)

SG Info 2

Study Group info (2)

Links to County Groups

Members wanting to develop their own specific interests can do so within Parish-Wildife Study Groups.

Their interest can be futher developed by joining Specialist Groups in the County and take advantage of the knowledge to support and monitor the information being produced. For example, our Moth and Bat recorders are benefiting from talks and workshops run by members of the respective County Groups and by adding images to the website of species that we are unsure about we can tap into the wider knowledge in the county.

The County Groups often provide

Study Groups Overview

Objectives of Study Groups.

Diary Exchange

Ways of exchanging Diaries.

It is important that diaries are exchanged at the start of every quarter. Collecting the old diaries and replacing them with the latest forms for collecting information can be one of the difficult part of the process. The following methods are suggested for achieving the exchange:

Activity Lists

This section will provide the full chronologicle list of activities by Launceston Area Parish Wildlife Group, searchable by Parish.

This will include the Tavistock Local Group parish-wildlife activities logged through this website until they have their own .

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