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July-Sept Nature Notes for the Launceston Area


Wahlenbergia on Hawks Tor Marsh

Apologies for not updating the second quarter~ perhaps I was still in winter mode after all the snow! Now we have enjoyed one of the warmest and driest Junes on records and the half inch or so of rain on the first of July was very welcome. We are getting some excellent moth catches and dormice are breeding in Stara Woods.

April-June Nature Notes


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January-March Nature Notes 2017

LAPWG NEWS to start the new year~

The total amount of rain in Middlewood nearly reached 70 inches so yes, that was above the average and it was spread more evenly across the year; there were few really dry periods and just one rather hot spell.  

Outline Programme of Events for 2018. Please do let us know if you have any ideas for other events or 

October - December Nature Notes

Hips of the Field Rose

Find it difficult to believe that we are now in the final quarter of the year! After such a wet September when we have recorded over 9 inches of rain here in Middlewood, all we can hope for is a dry and sunny October.Looking back at the summer, there were some lovely days but no long and sustained period of warmth.

What to look for Each Quarter

Knowing what to look out for.

You will find that the species you record on your own survey area will change with the time of year as the seasons unfurl. This section provides some insight on what is happening to each of the species groups in our local area in the four quarters of the year that effects the chances of seeing them, covering

Adding Diary Records

The Parish Wildlife Project is set up to work with people who may not have done any recording before and who may not have any interest in adding their data into a database, especially one on-line. We believe it is more important to encourage as many as possible to develop their wildlife interests than to ask them to take on IT skills.

Before this website was available, most of the information collected within the project was paper-based. An Access database was developed for adding and analysing the data. The information was entered by one person in each parish.

Other Local Groups

Management of Other Local Groups

Member Groups

Management of Member Groups. The principle approach to managing members isHeathland Survey Laneast Aug 2007 through Parish Groups. The advantages to using Parish Groups are:

* It is a very useful way of dividing the area of the local branch into recognised geographic regions
* The management load in organising members can be shared through the use of Parish Coordinators

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