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North Petherwin Records Trend Report 2003 -2008

Comments on the Observations recorded by the parish between 2003 and 2008.

The Wildlife Dairy - regular reporting of common species, quarter by quarter - provides the perfect approach for trend analysis.

Wildlife Diary

Introduction. Parish-Wildlife Members are encouraged to keep a Wildlife Diary, noting numbers of species that they see on their own local survey area ( eg garden, smallholding etc] in set 3 month periods.

They are provided with a checklist of ca 200 common and relatively easily identified species from Birds to Mammals, Butterflies etc.

The diary forms can be downloaded from this page, once a member has registered. The form needs to be handed to the data analyst each April, July, Oct and Jan.

North Petherwin Habitat Map

See below for Legend.North Petherwin Habitat map
Habitat key


A total of 188 wildlife diaries were returned in North Petherwin by 21 members in total,
identifying 172 species between Q2 2003 and Q4 2013.
There are 216 species on the checklist. 1 members have submitted diaries since Q1 2013

North Petherwin Parish Map

For more detail use the searchable map from Click the map to show the Habitat map. For (16) Tetrad maps see:

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