Species Found in the Tavistock area



We will benefit a lot from having the records database built into the website. Members will be able to see online what we are finding, as soon as the data is entered.

Recording and Records

Information to show how active the group is and what the members are contributingToad again to the study

Wildlife Diary

These are the input forms for recording wildlife.

Please return your records each April, July, Oct and Jan. You can either e-mail your records (mark subject field 'Parish Wildlife Project') or if you prefer post them to me at 'Torside, Station Road, Lydford, Devon, EX20 4BW. If you are new to the project and require more information please let me know how I can help . Contact me on 01822 820292.

Tavistock Area Information

This will show the

  • The approximate boundaries of the Tavistock Group
  • The location of the major habitations in the area, together with some of the key geographic features.


Tavistock Activities

Tavistock is a new addition to the study.Pond Dipping at Bere Alston

Summary Stats for the Tavistock Area, showing the contribution of members to the knowledge of the parish:

A total of 32 wildlife diaries were returned in Tavistock by 9 members in total,
identifying 119 species between Q2 2007 and Q1 2009.
There are 216 species on the checklist. 56 members have submitted diaries since Q4 2008

Also we want to show here:

- Events in the parish
- Link out from a selected activity, to show a report on the activity, on a separate page

Habitat Map

Habitat map for the Tavistock area goes in here.


Local Group of Devon Wildlife Trust
Group Contacts:
Sue Boxall Tavistock Local Group Coordinator

Tavistock Local Group of Devon Wildlife Trust.Rural Brentor

Please use this page

  • to give a general description of the area covered by your project
  • a summary of the objectives of the group





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